“Think back to January. The perfect time to make New Year’s resolutions...and forget them in a week. Why is this phenomenon so common that we can all relate to the dozens of jokes and memes made about it? Why do our simple goals always feel so unobtainable? Because they are.”

Posted 3/15/19.

“This is for the people who hide in their hurt. The loud ones and the quiet ones. The people who have been struggling for years or just recently. You are not alone, so don't give up. Just take it one day at a time.”

Posted 3/15/19

 “Everyone reading this sentence has been negatively stressed out before. I guarantee it.  We've all been given challenges that we can't complete or problems that we can't fix, and it feels extremely overwhelming. I can assure that I'm not an expert, but if you're willing to read until the end, I will gladly tell you the answers to all of your problems.”

Posted 11/27/18.