movie reviews by ella hunley

May 2, 2019

LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, reviewed by isaac robson and emily klassen

I personally have not seen the Lego Movie 2 so I asked some of my fellow students what they thought about the movie. Isaac uses the words “pretty okay” to sum up this movie. He said that the LEGO Movie 2 set up the plot a bit to quickly, so it was harder to understand. He also thought that the storyline had too much to do with actual humans, instead of just the legos. If you have seen the first LEGO Movie, you would remember that at the very end you see a little bit about the boy who builds the legos, but apparently in the second movie there’s a lot more about him. Isaac also believed that there were too many musical numbers for his taste, and the songs bordered on being too cheesy. Emily’s review was a lot similar. She liked how the second LEGO movie, like the former, used a lot of sarcastic humor that appealed and was funny to an audience of all ages. She agreed with Isaac on the fact that there were too many musical numbers and the side plot with the humans went a little overboard. Emily also used the words “pretty okay” to sum up the LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

5 feet apart, reviewed by ella hunley

So before I watched this movie, I was expecting it to be super corny, sappy, and sad. While I was watching it in the theater, I realized that yes indeed it was very corny and sad. Basically, the plot is these three teenagers who each have a disease called cystic fibrosis. The problem is that two people with cystic fibrosis always have to be at least 5 feet apart. But of course, two of the teens, Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will (Cole Sprouse) fall in love. The whole movie is just about their journey of trying to have a relationship without being within 5 feet apart. There are a bunch of corny scenes of them touching hands through glass or holding hands by each holding one end of a pool stick (major cringe). With that said, this movie was pretty good and I liked it even though it was really corny. I would recommend seeing it unless you cry easily or you just hate love. I would rate it 3.5 stars because the plot and scenes were sappy, but it was well done, the acting was good, and there was a nice message behind it.

dumbo, reviewed by juliana johnson

I also was fortunate enough not to see this film so I asked my fellow student Juliana Johnson to tell me her opinion on Dumbo. Juliana went to see this movie with a friend and she said that after she had watched all the previews, she forgot what movie she was watching. Eventually, the movie started and she said the first 20 minutes were sad, depressing, and awful. Juliana was shocked by how terribly sorrowful this movie was. She also said that if your interested in Dumbo or any other classic film, you should just watch the original cartoon or read the book it was based on. Julianna advises readers not to bother with live action movies based on cartoons. To sum it up, Juliana told me that the movie was so bad she left halfway through it.