BEst Spots of bca by ella hunley

March 15th, 2019

Fancy Bubbler


I remember when we first got this bubbler. Before it, there was this nasty bubbler that spouted ugly lukewarm water. Then this beautiful, shiny new bubbler was installed. It can fill up your water bottle and your mouth at the same time! WHAT? Amazing right? This bubbler spouts crystal clear water. The water is cold but not too cold, so you can still drink from it with mint gum in your mouth without freezing your tongue off. This bubbler also has a little screen where you can see how many bottles it has saved. I was there at the moment when it had saved exactly 1000 bottles. I was standing in the hallway with my finger on the water bottle sensor thing so that the water would come out. It went from 998 to 999 and finally to the perfect 1000 bottles saved. It was an emotional roller coaster. All this to say, this bubbler is probably one of the nicest and most prized things in the BCA hallways.

The Nasty Bubbler


Many of us have had the experience of drinking from the bubbler in Ceder Hall. And many of us have been traumatized from it. First of all, it looks a lot like a urinal so it’s kind of weird to drink from. Secondly, it is a habitat for many organisms such as algae. The green seaweed looking stuff at the bottom of the bubbler is not something you want to see when your trying to hydrate. Also, I once was drinking in this bubbler and I saw a lovely little spider just walking around on the bubbler. Okay, let me rephrase that. There was a huge, ugly, nasty spider about two inches away from my face while I was drinking water. Strangely enough, the water in the Cedar Hall bubbler tastes really good and it’s a good temperature. Maybe it’s because whenever I drink from it I am tired and dehydrated from the mile run or something, but this creepy bubbler has really good water. Weird right? This bubbler is definitely familiar to many of us who went to BCA for lower school.

The Uniform Closet


If I could use one word to describe the BCA uniform closet, it would be “WHY.” Why would anyone wear this color polo? Why are there 50 pairs of the exact same sweats with a hole in the exact same spot in the knee? Why is there a full sized cross in here? The uniform closet is a dreaded place because when you disobey the dress code rules, you might have to go in there and put on a grey Men’s XL polo shirt despite your age or gender. However, this closet has helped many of us. We often use this closet to find some nice costumes for our Spanish videos. This closet is legendary, random, and definitely reflects the quirky and unique personality of BCA.

The Big Tree

Okay I mean can you get any better than this? In lower school, The Big Tree was where all the cool kids hung out. If you got to hang out at the Big Tree, you were truly a legend. I remember that people would try to walk around the tree by balancing on the roots. Did anyone else remember that? You could also find some really cool ants and caterpillars. Awesome Bro! I remember collecting insects to creep out people who annoyed me. Okay, I was a weird kid but everyone loves the big tree and it definitely is a legend. Another thing about this tree is that it totally grew into the soccer field which makes a lot of kids trip and fall, a lot of soccer balls get stuck in branches, and a lot of referees annoyed. Now, I am in high school and I no longer collect weird ants or balance on roots of “Big Trees” but I have many fond memories from hanging out at the Big Tree, just like many longtime BCA students.

The Benches Outside the Library


These benches are truly a classic BCA spot. They are located at the intersection of the high school hallways, so they attract many people from different grades. They are also a good spot to have a mental breakdown in between classes. Anytime I have double math, I always head to these benches to cry and complain to the rest of the people at the benches. These benches are where most sit when they come into school. The other day I came into school to see a student completely covered in a blanket, napping on one of these famous benches. I feel like all high schoolers unknowingly feel like these benches are a place of relaxation and stress at the same time. I can’t think of a better place to go when you are fed up, bored, or exhausted. The Benches Outside the Library are a true classic BCA spot.