A Very Brief History of BCA by Ella Hunley

november 27, 2018

Barrington Christian Academy has over 200 students, 28 teachers, and many different extracurricular activities such as sports, plays, choir, and mission trips. But back in 1979, things at BCA were much different.


In 1980, the head of BCA was Ray Antocicco, who helped found the school. Mr. Diamond and Mrs. Wright were also at BCA since the very beginning. That year, our school offered fencing, and even a chess club, so things were definitely “retro.” We also had played the sports of volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. Since our school was new and didn’t have a lot of money, our mascot was a little scrappy.


In 1986, the head of BCA was Shirley Tucker. Mrs Terrien and Mr Diamond were also around at that time. This year for sports, BCA offered basketball and soccer. We also had our retreat in Maine instead of Berea. BCA also had a spelling bee and the first Christmas Program!


Elsie Wright was the head of BCA at this point. For sports, we had soccer, basketball, softball, and track and field. BCA also had a Student Council, chess club, and the Math Olympics, for the mathletes among us. Mr Diamond, Ms Axelson, Mrs Cross, and Ms Beard all worked here at this time.

Barrington Christian Academy has been around for a while, and many things have changed. And we can all be thankful that we no longer are in a school full of people with 80s haircuts!

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